From the time of Jonah when the sailors sought God
as to why the fierce storm threatened to sink their ship
by casting lots and the lot fell on Jonah;

to the choice of a replacement for Judas amongst the
eleven remaining disciples,
when they drew the lot with the name of Matthias on it;

to the days of St Francis,
when he prayerfully had the priest open
the book of the Gospels to seek
God's perfect will for his life;

we have before us a long precedence of
seeking God prayerfully for
a word of instruction,
anointed just for us,
in our current circumstance,
in childlike trust and simplicity.

But in all efforts of discernment
we must first be aware of
our own attachments and tendencies
towards self seeking and self will.

A sincere heart, asking God to cleanse us of this
obstacle to hearing His voice
must come before all efforts to discern,
and at the very least we must be disposed to ridding
ourselves of this poison.

Then we may have more confidence
that we will be able to hear
what the Most Holy Spirit of God will faithfully
bring to us for our deeper understanding and spiritual maturity.
And we may be confident that if we seek Him in
this way, trusting His spiritual direction and not
in any way trying to form ourselves,
we will arrive at the happy destination of God's perfect will.

This is the spirit in which this web site was launched.
We are sincerely seeking God's will and
can ponder and trust the readings that are
selected for us completely randomly,
because God wishes us to follow His will for our lives
more than we can possibly understand or imagine.

The readings have been selected from a variety of sources,
some ancient, some traditional, and some contemporary.
In this way there is a healthy cross section
of inspirations to encourage us
along our way,
hand in hand with God.

For a list of random readings,
click on torch at lower right of Our Lady Light of the Woods

Note: The wild goose is the symbol for the Holy Spirit in ancient Celtic Christianity.

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