This web site is lovingly offered to all childlike souls
who have found themselves lost in
the dark wood of this world
hoping against hope
for one to come along side them and
set them free from the thorns and
the darkness that compass them about.

And especially for those souls who have painfully searched
for the deeper meaning and mission of their lives,
but have sought in vain, the counsel of man
to bring it into clear focus.

It is also for those of us who have wavered in our
fidelity to the Lord and His call on our lives,
but are ready to try again.

I pray that it will offer encouragement
deeper confidence
and abandonment
in the workings of Holy Spirit of God,
as He provides and leads us every day
to greater intimacy
and more loving surrender
to the inscrutable and marvelous designs
of His perfect will
for our lives.