Dear Visitors,
Here is a wonderful site for daily spiritual teachings from the Lord: HeartDwellers.org We have found these people to be very Catholic Friendly and deep.

On this site you will find current teachings in both video and written formats, music, Chronicles of the Bride a wonderful book about their visits to Heaven and many other goodies. All are free so download to your heart's content.

There is also a donation page, should you be inspired to help out, please designate your donation to HeartDwellers.ORG and we will be sure they get your donation.


Or you can donate to Our Lady's site at this same location and we will gratefully accept it, just mark it clearly for us so they will send it our way.


They have a blog:

And we highly endorse this YouTube channel: Clare du Bois,
Still Small Voice

She and her husband have over 200 videos we have found very helpful for fostering intimacy with the Lord.

Please check her playlists:


Mother Anastasia
Our Lady Light of the Woods.org

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