This photograph was taken to illustrate the concepts on this page. Random shots were taken of a fire. When the photographer edited the shoot, this image looking very much like a soul engulfed in fire was discovered.
The Celtic Claddagh rings were added to illustrate
the concept of mutual prayer, the flame
is completely untouched.

Move Heaven and Earth

Intercessors Who Will Never Let You Down

There is an army of souls in the waiting rooms that lead to Heaven and they have only one way to spend their time; in prayer and repentance.

These are the souls who have finished their earthly sojourn, and have found themselves face to Face with the Eternal and Living God. And in the mirror of His tender but just eyes, for the first time, they behold themselves as they truly are. And by divine grace, are given the knowledge of who they were created to be.

In this moment the crushing reality of what they could have been, had they used their time and gifts wisely, causes a most excruciating sense of loss, from which their is no escape.

As we travel on in this earthly life, God has provided an infinite variety of blessings to distract us from the difficult and painful parts of the journey.

The refreshment of water, wind and sky; the majesty of canyons and the miracle of gardens; the entertaining antics of puppies and kittens and children at play; the consolation of friends to listen and share our joys; the quenching of our appetites with satisfying food and drink; the relief of pain with effective remedies and capable surgeons, but at the very moment of our death, these too pass away with our flesh.

In this moment we face the realities of our life on earth and how we used the talents entrusted to us, attitudes we knew we should have changed but were not willing to, habits we knew were bad, things we left undone, but were too busy to address. And now they
are overgrown and tangled thorn bushes that
entrap us and keep us from entering into the eternal happiness of Heaven.

The Lord has paid the price to redeem us from our sins, and open to us the gates of Heaven, but He who is spotless, cannot change our free will attitudes, this is something we alone must do.

Everyone agrees that Heaven is a place of perfect happiness, perfect harmony, cooperation, unselfishness and fulfillment. How can we then, enter in with the stains of selfishness, greed, and jealousy as habitual patterns of behavior, and not bring contamination.

God in His infinite mercy has made a provision for the condition we are in at the moment of our death. This is the temporary home of the Holy Souls, Purgatory.

Here dwell the souls that belong to Him, but are not yet ready to be with Him and those who have been purified from every stain of sin, The Great Cloud of Witnesses.

The intensity of the suffering of the Holy Souls cannot be compared to anything on this earth. The only thing that can bring them relief is the touch of God, and for now they are separated from that consolation.

They cannot pray for themselves, but they can pray for us. And we can pray for them.

The Body of Christ is One, both the living and those who have fallen asleep in the Lord have One Head, Jesus Christ, Who is the God of the Living, not the dead.

The Holy Spirit imparts the quickening life that runs through all the members, whether they be in the flesh on this earth or, in the spirit as their flesh sleeps.

"Amen, amen, I say to you: if any man keep My word, he shall not see death forever." John 8:51

Consciousness never departs from us, we only leave the body behind. And with it, all earthly consolation.

We have been reduced to the very essence of life, the state of our soul before God. Purification and sanctification are now our all consuming work.

With purification there is the fire that burns away the dross. And it is painful.

In this pain, which they can in no way relieve for themselves, they pray for others, and through the release of transforming grace from God, they are finally delivered from the thorns that encompassed them.

They can behold His Face, and with unspeakable joy, enter into perfect happiness. They are eternally grateful for our prayers and sacrifices, unlike us who quickly forget and are easily distracted, and are hindered by fatigue or illness.

These holy souls are now perfected in grace, one in heart and mind with God and the inhabitants of Heaven. Their hearts are consumed with God's agenda, the salvation and sanctification of those still on Earth.

There is a never ending flow of souls entering this place. The reservoir never runs dry. They are an army of intercessors such as we have never known on this earth.

They are mighty and powerful before God because their contrition knows no bounds. They are birthed in humility, and God gives grace to the humble, He answers their prayers. Quickly.

If you have undertaken intercession on their behalf, they will be quick to pray when they are permitted to know that you are in danger. The last thing they want is for you to make the very same mistakes they made, and miss the mark for your life.

Many times, these are not merely anonymous souls that had no relevance in your earthly life, they are souls who are in your family, your community, your acquaintance.

They will do everything in their power to plead with God on your behalf that you find your true purpose in life, and courageously, untiringly, unselfishly, pursue the Holy Spirit and all He has for you to do, while there is yet time for you to accomplish it.

All of them are unspeakably grateful for every prayer and sacrifice we make on their behalf. There are many ways to gain graces for them, below is a good site for a deeper understanding.

At the very least, to begin to relieve their sufferings, you may offer your Communions for them, make the sign of the cross devoutly, slowly, meditating on the Holy Trinity, with Holy Water, and sprinkle them with Holy Water. Offer your daily sufferings, especially if you have a departed loved one, and for those in your community that have suffered an unexpected death, those who you hear about that touch your heart in a special way, as well as for all souls in Purgatory.

The photograph at the top resembles a dancing soul on fire. It has been said by various saints who were privileged with experiences in Purgatory, that the souls there were very joyful about their purification, because they had seen Jesus glorified, face to Face, were assured of their salvation, and could not gain graces and loose them like we do on earth. Their progress was steady.

"Eternal Father, I offer the the most precious blood of Your Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the Universal Church, those in my own home and with in my family. Amen."


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..the work of each
will come to light,
for the Day will
disclose it.

It will be
revealed with fire,
the fire will test
the quality of
each one's work.

But if someone's
work is burned up,
that one
will suffer loss;

the person will
be saved, but
only as going
through the fire.

I Corinthians

Settle with your
opponent quickly
while on the way
to court with him.

Otherwise your
opponent will
hand you over
to the judge, and
the judge will
hand you over
to the guard,
and you will be
thrown into prison.

Amen, I say to you,
you will not be
released until you
have paid the
last penny.

5:25 & 26

And whosoever shall
speak a word against
the Son of man,
it shall be forgiven
him: but he that
shall speak against
the Holy Ghost,
it shall not be
forgiven him, neither
in this world, nor in
the world to come.

Matthew 12:32

That in the Name
of Jesus, every knee
should bow of those
that are in Heaven,
on earth, and
under the earth.


And no man was able
neither in heaven, nor
on earth, nor under
the earth, to open the
book, nor to look on it.

Revelation 5:3

There shall not enter it
(the New Jerusalem),
anything defiled, or
anyone that worketh
abomination, or a lie..

Revelation 21:27

Old Testament

Judas Maccabees, was
an Israelite commander
renowned for leading
the revolt and defeat of
a pagan Syrian king
that was trying to force
pagan practices on the
Jews. After a decisive
battle in which many
of his men were slain,
he sent 12,000 drachms
of silver to Jerusalem
for sacrifice to be
offered for the sins
of the dead ,thinking
well and religiously
concerning the
resurrection, for if
he had not hoped that
they that were slain
should rise again, it
would have seemed
superfluous and vain
to pray for the dead,
that they may be
loosed from sins.

2 Maccabees 12:43-46

200 A.D.
The Catacombs

On the tombs of the
faithful, words of hope
were inscribed and
petitions for peace and
for rest; and with each
recurring anniversary,
the Faithful gathered at
the tomb of the departed
to pray for the repose
of his soul.

Ancient diptychs
were tables on which
the names of the
departed were kept
in the churches
that they might be
remembered in the
Sacrifice of the Mass
and the prayers of
the faithful. This has
been an unbroken
practice for twenty
centuries of Christianity.