To Download the music:

Click on MP3 to listen to the music through the browser in Quicktime.
Or, right click (Control+Click on a Mac) on MP3 and select Download Linked File on a Mac or Save Target As... on a PC which will allow you to download the mp3 clip to your computer. Then play the mp3 through your preferred music player that is on your computer.

To Listen to the music:

Simply press the right-facing triangle in the sound control bar that sits below each piece's title.

The Annunciation

1. Meditation 5:42 MP3

2. Our Father 2:27 MP3

We have divided the decade so you could email it to friends. If you would like the full ten Hail Marys on one track, please contact us and we will send it to you in the mail.

3. Hail Marys (first five) 3:29 MP3

4. Hail Marys (second five) 5:24 MP3

5. Glory Be 0.44 MP3

You may use this to construct the beginning of the Rosary (repeat three times) along with the Our Father and Glory Be.

6. Single Hail Mary 0:46 MP3

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